How to hang a Large Wall Painting On your wall

According to the step-by-step process, it is easy to hang Oversized Wall Art on the wall. Collect tools before you start and determine how to properly hang a large wall painting in the allocated space. Supplies and Tools Needed You need to collect some simple tools/consumables to ensure the success of your project. These include: […]

How to use Abstract Wall Art in your home

Large Abstract painting has always been regarded as an incomprehensible art. the contemporary minimalist style of abstract painting through the combination of color and line plays a key role in modern decoration style. The minimalist Large Black and White Abstract Art and furniture blended in the homestyle complement each other making the walls alive and […]

Picasso and abstraction-large modern art for sale

Large modern art for sale-Two years ago, at the museum of modern art in New York, leah dicolman curated a special exhibition, Big Black and White Art “inventing abstract 1910-1925.He has nothing to do with it.He was referring to the way the exhibition invites visitors into the world of abstract art.If the audience takes the elevator in […]